Prior To Cleaning

Get that new look back throughout your house


Clean & Bright – Family run business since 1975

Clean & Bright will visit your home and give you an honest all inclusive price for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs and send you a written quotation.

We will test fibres / fabrics to establish how best to clean your carpets or upholstery, and explain what the likely results will be.


An inspection makes sure that carpets are correctly fitted and that any possible problems such as weak or damaged seams or carpets not on grippers are brought to your attention.

We will give advice on what you might need to do to prepare your rooms and upholstery for cleaning – such as moving ornaments to a safe place etc.

Any furniture that needs moving we will do on the day to save you any worries and we will place quality protective pads under furniture legs not cheap tin foil ones so that the furniture can go straight back down onto your freshly cleaned carpets. We also wear protective overshoes to save any soil being bought in from outside, and can provide them for your family to use free of charge.A care sheet on what to do and not to do after cleaning will be left with you and we will also advise you on drying time.


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